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Welcome to Canadianbreed

Isn't it about time you took care of you?
What it really comes down to is this, you could

Now is the time to take advantage of your tone and image with an all new custom built electric guitar straight from your imagination into your hands.

Its all about personlization and we build guitars for you.

So take a second drop us a line and askme for a free quote.
You and your new custom guitar will receive:

  • Personalized service
  • Continuous build updates
  • Hand selected premium woods
  • Handwound Schel~tone pickups
  • Top quality hardware and electronics
  • Beautiful lacquer finishes

  • Whats our goal?: To provide the best customer service. To brand ourself as THE Canadian alternative to custom classic electric guitars. To be seen as a serious player in the boutique guitar world. To have fun and provide the best customer experience.

    Isn't it time to Unbridle YOUR passion?



    Canadian Guitar Legend & Songwriter

    I am pleased to announce that Randy Bachman & Canadianbreed are on a journey to build 2 Custom builds based on his desire for a unique guitar that will overshadow his current collection. Stay tuned...


    The Sherwood Classic being delivered to The Museum in Kitchener for their yearly fundraiser.

    Breaking News!

    2013 CMAO Songwriter and Single of the year Award winner Jason Blaine with his new T-Class

    Were are in a development mode and the site will be completed soon.

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